TrendzCart E-Shopping Cart

The TrendzShop E-shopping cart is a unique, low-cost, effective, and highly customisable shopping cart and ordering system that will enable your online customers to buy multiple items in the same purchase, can also add a login/register feature to assist you in creating a database of customers. We have a number of packages to suit our clients..[Read More about our Content Management System]

TrendCart & CMS
Webtrendz eCart package
  • 3 months webste support
  • 1 full day training on the CMS
  • Logo & header recreation
  • Google analytics
  • SEO strategy breakdown

£250 Per monthOrder Now

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Fully Customisable

The cart is fully customisable and can be seamlessly added to your website. To enable complete customisability of the Shopping Cart, templates are used for the display of all pages and the text of emails.

Search Engine Optimisation

The cart is pre-configured to use WorldPay payments, and can be configured to work with almost any payment solution. It comes with templates to use several popular payment systems including Barclays ePDQ, WorldPay, Secure Trading, PayPal, and NoChex.

Use any Payment System

The cart is pre-configured to use WorldPay payments, and can be configured to work with almost any payment solution. It comes with templates to use several popular payment systems including Barclays ePDQ, WorldPay, Secure Trading, PayPal, and NoChex.

Suitable for UK Merchants

The cart is especially suitable for UK merchants. The default currency is GBP Sterling, and the default cart messages refer to postage and VAT, rather than shipping and Sales tax. Special care has also been taken to ensure that this cart is also suitable for US and international merchants

Minimal Installation Requirements

The shopping cart requires hardly any installation. The shopping cart folder just needs to be placed on a website running PHP. Write permissions are needed on the log files.

At the core of the shopping cart is a single stand-alone PHP script, which is compatible with most websites and versions of PHP. No components need to be installed.

The cart is created using PHP and MySQL . This enables easy integration with many other applications.

At the other end of the spectrum, the cart can export orders to a comma-delimited text file to easily import back into most applications.

Dynamic Ordering System

Our CMS has the ability to allow you to keep your customers updated about their orders. We replicate your business sales cycle online, this allows you to sell any 3rd party products as well as those of your own. Once an item has been purchased we can email all parties involved of the said purchase. therefore, we would email:

  • The customer
  • The seller
  • The website owner
  • The drop shippment company

Making the sale online as smooth and as pain free as possible for all parties concerned.

Detailed Order Notification Email to Merchant

The order notification email to the merchant contains all the information relating to the order including order reference number, order total, all the item details and customer details. Any kind of extra information can also be captured, and the shopping cart automatically attaches any information that is entered at the time of the order. The format of the merchant’s order emails is totally customisable.

Confirmation Email to Customer

The confirmation email to the customer is also completely customisable. The format of the email is based on a template.

Fulfillment Instruction Email

Our cart has the additional capability to send an extra email to the supplier or warehouse, or any other contact involved with after-sales fulfillment. The format of the email is also based on a template.

Returning Customers

Customers can register for an account for future use, this means that they can add items to their wish list, track deliveries and send comments..

Our payment integration options

PayPal Integration and Solutions

PayPal Integration Services - Ecommerce solutions With our Custom Payment Pages feature, you can tailor PayPal’s payment pages to the style of your website and give customers a seamless payment experience. Choose custom page colors and add images to make PayPal’s payment flow yours! To learn more about creating and applying customized page styles, explore the links below.

WorldPay Integration and WorldPay Solutions

WorldPay Integration Services - Ecommerce solutions from a WorldPay Accredited PartnerAs a WorldPay Accredited Partner we offer a £50 discount off the WorldPay setup fee, a complete range of WorldPay integration and ecommerce services and a number of other benefits just for applying to WorldPay through us. Read about the benefits of applying to WorldPay through us. We have also made available a WorldPay shopping cart. We can assist both merchants and individuals with applying for an Internet Merchant ID in order to be able to accept credit cards and start selling online.

ePDQ Integration

 ePDQ integration - ePDQ Ecommerce Solutions We offer ePDQ Integration to integrate ePDQ Secure Online Payments with any website or shopping cart.We have also made available an ePDQ shopping cart with built-in compatibility with the ePDQ CPI payments system.

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Client testimonials

  • We have an excellent relationship with the web design team. They were always available at the end of the phone or in person whenever we needed. They listened and adhered to all our requests and constantly kept us updated with all the changes and developments they were implementing. In addition, they spent time thinking creatively how to improve the design of the site. We were very happy with the final outcome of the site - and will continue to develop it with Webtrendz. We would highly recommend them. ... Charlene Blake[read more]
  • Webtrendz have been a fantastic company to work with! We approached them as they were one of the few website companies who could build the bespoke system we required. We had an initial meeting and discussed what we wanted and what was possible. We made several changes during the building of the site which they were happy to accommodate. The end result has been better than I expected with a content managed site. I would like to thank all of the guys at Webtrendz for all the hard work they have done! ... Mark Dixon [read more]
  • Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder! ... And I think the site looks fantastic. I commissioned Webtrendz to build my business website for me. They were recommended to me by a business contact who were very happy with their services, cost and professionalism. They are indeed a professional set of guys and offer a personal service and are able to help me understand why some of my ideas would not work as well as walk through those that would. I would surely recommend them. ... C Sinclair [read more]
  • The design process was smooth and I felt everything went without problem. I like the branding that Webtrendz did for my company and I think the website looks good. From the start, the relationship with the guys has been pleasant and easy-going. I feel I received good value for money. I have now requested the site be updated and some amendments made. ... Dan [read more]
  • I have been provided with a great website by Webtrendz. The team there have responded well to my requests. The training that I was given has proven very useful; I feel confident in using the many aspects that my new website offers. We love the new site and so do our customers. ... Chris Meeten. [read more]
  • I have found Webtrendz to be; helpful, understanding of our company needs and prompt with their response. They maintain our website and keep us informed of new and alternative techniques to keep it current. Keep up the good work guys. M Dixon [read more] [read more]
  • very helpful company staff, very friendly and great design work done on my website. I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of having there own website done. I spent many hours going over the design and look of my site which was great for someone who has limited website knowledge. Everything was put to me jargon free, they even took care of the domain name, which again i had not got a clue about i'm very please i used Webtrendz for my site. ... Clyde [read more]
  • I have a very good relationship with my designer, and was always available for communication. All requests were taken on board by them and advantages and disadvantages explained. All computer jargon was explained in understanding sentences and surprisingly enough i too became a wizard at computers. I was very happy with final outcome. I would recommend Webtrendz again and again! ... Kevin Kowlessur [read more]
  • I approached Webtrendz with the idea I had for my new business. I found from the outset the company to be very helpful. They have been great at keeping in touch with me and letting me know how the project has been developing. I am very happy with the website and people have already commented on how good it looks. I am looking forward to selling my products in the next few months, when they are ready to go. Webtrendz have given me good value for money and are pleasant to deal with. ... Anthony Gauci [read more]
  • Webtrendz have given me the best service, highest quality of work, great support and outstanding Customer Support. I will recommend Webtrendz to friends and colleagues without a doubt and will continue to use them for future work as they have been commissioned to work on another project of mine and are now planning to use them for something else too. Thanks and great work guys. ... B Birt [read more]
  • Webtrendz once again provided us with an exceptional service and website. Our old website needed an overhaul due to rebranding and they followed our requirements to a tee. Everything was completed in time and ready for our launch. Webtrendz worked effortlessly to meet our deadline and their service throughout was second to none. They worked quick with the designs and also with any changes that were required. Once again we received a quality website at a very affordable price. ... Area Manager, PowerScreen. [read more]
  • Rahim is a very talented front end developer who not only transforms formal designs into slick web pages, but can take a nebulous idea and make it a reality. He adds an immense amount of value during both design and build with his experience in usability. He is fast, quick to grasp the design principles but without losing that critical attention to detail. Rahim, I have no doubt, would be an asset to any project team and I would jump at the chance to work with him again. ... Neil Taylor[read more]
  • Rahim and the team have been Top lads, they are very personable, accommodating and good to work with. Requests were always taken into consideration, if they couldn't achieve an exact response they would always suggest workable alternatives. Thankfully conversations and explanations were kept relatively jargon free, it was never an issue. We were very happy with the final outcome, it took a little time to get there but was worth waiting for ... Brendan Birt [read more]
  • After talking to multiple suppliers at the time, we are very happy that we selected Webtrendz to develop our website. They have a strong all-round team of both design specialists and back-end programmers who they did an excellent job on our website. We continue to work with them and would be happy to recommend their work. ... Anand Lakhani [read more]
  • Webtrendz are an excellent company to deal with. To begin with, they designed and developed our website, working closely with us to ensure that they achieved the right look and functionality. We are extremely pleased with the website and all of the subsequent design and print work Webtrendz have provided for us. I have already recommended them to friends in other companies and definitely recommend them to you. ... James McBriar. [read more]

Benefits of working with Webtrendz Consultancy

  • 1We will build a website that is designed to your brand

  • 2Ensure that the website is fully search engine optimised and visible

  • 3By focusing on the user, we are able to build websites that help your users

  • 4We work to your budgets and timelines, ensuring that you are in full control throughout

  • 5We will research your competitors and advise you on your online strategy

  • 6Communication Is Key, we aim to listen and advice in equal measure